Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Like The Old Times

I spent last weekend bonding with my best friend Maita. We have been friends since third grade. We were classmates 3 out of the 4 years in high school. Since Maita and I were friends classmates and our brothers were classmates back in grade school, our moms had no choice but to become friends as well. When we get sick and had to miss school, my Nanay and Tita Lydia would sometimes call each other or go to each other's houses to copy our missed assignments.

Maita and I also belong to the same circle of friends. We all went to different universities back in college, but our communication didn't stop. My friends and I all became godparents to Maita's eldest child, since Maita was the first in the barkada to have a child.

We would often go to each others houses or meet up somewhere for a little chit chat. So, last weekend, Maita wanted to meet up. She went over to my place to pick me up. I brought my son along so that her youngest kid would have somebody to play with.

We talked about everything. We talked about our kids, our husbands, our lives as desperate housewives, our problems, our frustrations, name it, we've talked about it. What I like about Maita is that I don't have to pretend, I can tell her anything, she can tell me anything. She can tell me straight to my face if I look terrible, I can tell her to shut up and keep quiet when her mouth is too noisy.

So last weekend, I taught her how to put on make-up so that she would look pretty for her husband. We experimented with colors just like teenage girls would. We did that while our kids were running around like wild monkeys. I looked at her wedding album and wondered why I wasn't there. She told me I had an important exam to study for that time that's why I wasn't able to make it. Too bad, what could be more important than my best friend? We can re-take exams but best friends are hard to find.

I went home happy that time. We should do that more often.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thinking of Moving South

My husband took me out house hunting last week. I must say I was really surprised with my hubby's planning skills . When we got to Sta. Rosa,Laguna he had already made appointments with 2 agents. We met the first agent in the morning. We did our tripping at The Mandara in Silang-Sta.Rosa. I liked the place, it had a majestic view of Laguna de Bay and the amenities were nice. The sun was at its hottest but I barely felt the heat because of the cool breeze coming from the nearby lake. I fell in love with the place at once, and the properties had large cuts but (here comes the BUT part),...My hubby was concerned with security. The subdivision was easily accessible through the neighboring subdivision which is Sta.Rosa Heights. Plus, hubby had a boss who lived there and he had a bad experience with thieves who stole there electric cables. The agent also sounded desperate, and was really convincing us to reserve. I don't like being pressured. That was minus points for the poor agent. Too bad, but he was really kind and accommodating.

We met with the next agent in Nuvali. He took us to Avida Village and we looked at model units, after that he took us to Avida Settings which I think was a nice community but, we couldn't afford it.

Avida, a project of Ayala Land boasts of an eco-friendly environment and it is close to schools and hospitals. The agent even mentioned that it will have its own Alabang Town Center inside the Avida compound. Commercial establishments are already being developed in Nuvali and it is already beginning to look like Manila, not to mention the call centers. When we finally move in to Sta. Rosa, I'll never have to worry about employment, there's plenty to chose from. While we were entering the Village, I saw a sign saying Xavier School opens by June 2012...Wow, this place must really be meant for us. This was one of our concerns, we weren't sure there were Chinese Schools in Sta. Rosa, until I saw the sign. When the agent mentioned round-the-clock security and a shuttle service for commuters, he had us sold.

I know the kids and I will enjoy living there. Safe environment with cool, fresh air. Unlike the air we breath here in Q.C. it is flavored by Arlington Crematorium.

I wonder what it would be like living in Nuvali. It is such a high-end community I'm worried our funds would not be enough to pay for the new house. Liam would be starting school next year and it would really be tough on my husband's pocket. I really do need a job, but first I need a yaya to take care of my gremlins. I'm thinking about transcription or online english tutor jobs with a little bit of internet jobs on the side. Any suggestions anyone?

 Picture taking while we wait for Lunch to be served @ Conti's
I hope we can make things happen for the little ones.