Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Love Balloons

My daughter's 1st birthday sparked my interest for DIY balloons. Since then, I've downloaded youtube videos and took a balloon seminar to enhance my craft. At first I wanted to put up a balloon/party needs business, but due to lack of time and manpower I've decided to do it some other time. Maybe when my babies are all grown up, I'll be able to focus on that. For now, It is just a hobby...a means to shut them up when they get too rowdy and noisy, while I watch them admire my creations. My kids are my number 1 fans.

Since many of you asked for it, here are some of my balloon works - with my kids as models, of course.

Here are some of my latest experiments:
 My experimental pillar. It is as tall as my 3'3" 2 yr old son
 I don't know what to call this..
 The Hanging Balloon String of Pearls

The Balloon Arch I made for my godson on his 9th birthday

and here are some of my older creations:
 My son Liam with Cookie Monster and Elmo
 Lightning McQueen
 My Little Ca-re wearing my flower bracelets
 Flo, Lightning and Ramone(they can all be worn as bracelets)
A tall centerpiece

I have a problem this month. My good friend Cheryl is asking me to decorate their venue at UP Bahay Kalinaw for her son's 1st birthday party, but with my yaya gone, how can I possibly do that? I'm praying for a miracle, I hope I'll be able to do it with 2 babies in tow. took me ages to upload these. I hate my internet connection. I hope you guys enjoy looking at them


  1. nice creations mommy. i like your cookie monster, elmo and lightning mcqueen creations. they're so cute!

  2. you're very creative :) Tell your friend to provide help since you'll be doing her a favor. I'm sure she'll be glad to!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Very nice sis! I especially like Lightning McQueen and the centerpiece. =)

  4. wow,i also love McQueen and Cookie Monster.i wish i could do that too :)

  5. wow! inggit ako. your balloon creations are beautiful. =) galing mommy!

  6. Ang gaganda namn ng creations mo! fave ko si Elmo at cookie monster!

  7. thanks. flattered naman ako that all of you liked it

  8. opsssss..habol ako, clap!clap!clap! you're so great..nanny prob, ask some niece / nephews to take care of them on the event date.

  9. Nice! You gave me a nice idea for our Church wedding. Lol I might just contact you.

    Coffee With Kim

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