Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I Haven't Blogged For A While

I haven't blogged for a while..I would really love to but I haven't got the time. The yaya of my kids left us early this month, so what..I'm not scared. If she thinks she can trick me into giving her an increase, well sorry I'm not that pea-brained. It is better that way, I don't want to be blamed if she gets pregnant early while under my management. She has a penchant for attracting our foreigner neighbors(spell Irani). She thinks she looks pretty but I don't have the nerve to tell her the reason why the security guards and delivery boys would always like to get her attention. She wears make up even if She will just go to the supermarket downstairs. She wears skimpy shorts(I call them pek-pek shorts) and tight clothing..what would the guys think? The other parents think my yaya looks sexy but I don't think that sexy is the right word. I think they are just being polite.

Anyway, another reason why I'm not visible lately is because my hands were busy making my beautiful balloon creations. Yes, I love balloons, it is my new hobby. I promise to post pics next time. Right now let me just make do with stolen time, while my kid is still distracted.

Being a stay-at-home mom is tough, but I refuse to give in and be scared with horror stories of life without a yaya. I think it is better this way.  Less stress, less worries. I can leave my valuables anywhere, and the devil may care.


  1. Yes, you're right no yaya means no stress and less worries. After umalis at hindi na bumalik ang maid namin last January, I decided not to get another one anymore. Sobrang demanding and even said that we didn't give her a half year pay. Haller! Wala naman un sa usapan and 4 months pa lang siya sa min. So I think it's better na walang maid. Dagdag gastos lang sila.

  2. Masakit sa ulo mag yaya. Kaya ako nalang yaya ni baby ko! =) wilol wait for the photos, i love balloons too!

  3. haha sabi ko nga kay hubby sa akin na lang ang sweldo ng yaya kahit half na lang ok lang sa akin para may own money namna ako since hindi ako maka-raket sa odesk at busy talaga ako sa kids .

  4. You're better off withour her. :-)

    Show is balloon pics, please?

  5. mas prefer ko din wala yaya, less stress para sa kin. kaya never ko kumuha.

  6. yaya always gave headaches and sleepless nights when worst. goodthing you surpass this dilemma.

    i'm excited too for your balloon creations, it's a good start for a hobby turned into great business