Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Overcoming My Fear of Driving

Hi blog! Did you miss me? I know it's been a while. I'm sorry I have not visited you for so long. I have been very busy updating my stagnant driving skills.

It's been over a month since hubby bought Jazzy, and up to now I still can't drive and park her alone. Good thing, my sister Dottie has been a very patient co-pilot. She's been my constant driving companion/ critic/ hand break-puller (I've had 2 instances of near-accidents already, and I'm not proud of it)

Last Sunday, during the Pacquio-Marquez fight, I did a dry run for picking up hubby at the airport on Thursday. Geez..I was driving for more than 3 hours. It felt more like going home to the province than picking someone up at an airport in Metro Manila. I got lost going there and ended up in Bicutan, then I got lost again on our way home.

Good thing there's a police station at the Roxas Blvd service road located 6 corners away from UN Avenue. The police officers were very kind, they were very helpful and they made me a beautiful map so that I will not get lost again going to Sta. Mesa. God for good samaritans.

I enjoyed driving that daydespite being lost and having slight errors. It was my first big drive and truly an experience that I will never forget.


  1. congratulations to you! I have been driving for a year now and haven't gone as far as the airport (im from QC). yes, driving is really gruesome experience at first but you'll get the hang of the road in time just keep practicing :)

  2. Oh congratulations to you! Inggit ako. Oh when will I have the courage.. mag school na baby ko next year, hindi pa din ako makapag drive! :'(

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