Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mega Saturday @ SM Megamall

Yesterday, we packed our bags and went to Megamall for our weekend family bonding. My son Liam was so happy. He waited for weeks to be with his Daddy again, and he made sure that he enjoyed every moment spent with him, they were inseperable.

I had to meet Ea at French Baker for my Human Nature Products dealership at around 4pm. We were there at lunch time, since it was a huge place we never ran out of things to do. After lunch, we went to Megatrade Hall 2 and checked out the bazaar and the Teen Summer Fashionista pageant. I used to like malling but strolling with two babies is really tiring so I told hubby I needed to rest because my fragile back is already aching. He said he wanted to go to the Cyberzone so off we went.

I thought we were just going to check out some net books, I didn't expect we would be walking out of a store with a new gadget. Yes,the gadget was for me. He bought me a new netbook, he even let me choose the color.

Here she is, my new baby. I named her Tappy, such an eye candy!
She's sitting on top of our HP Pavilion named Taptap.

After buying the netbook, we went to French Baker at the 3rd Floor to meet Ea, she informed me that she will be late so my family and I decided to eat while waiting.

I ordered this. Chicken Ala King, my all-time favorite.

Finally, I get to see Ea. She showed me some human nature products and they smelled really nice. She told me more about Human Nature and its advocacies. I told her that I've been wanting to try the products after watching it on TV5 a few months back, and since I've been reading forums about it, I was all the more convinced to pursue it. Since the products are organic and had no harmful chemicals, we'll be caring for the environment as well, in our own little way.

She gave me this flyer and it came with a freebie, too.A 100% natural Sheer Lip Soother in Island Kiss.

After meeting Ea, my son wanted  to go to the arcade so we took him to Tom's World. And boy did he enjoy. My husband and I enjoyed watching him more.

So that was how I spent my Mega weekend with my family.

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