Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Green Barley – A Miracle Food

Ate Ria, my cousin whom I’ve not seen for 2 decades recently found out that my dad has Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She visited my dad last month here in my place…somewhere in the Sta.Mesa-Quezon City Area. I was really surprised, the last time I saw her, I was still wearing pony tails.
I didn’t know that Ate Ria is a born again Christian, we were devout Roman Catholics. Despite our differences in worshipping God, we all sat down together to pray over for my dad and my daughter (who’s still being observed by her doctors after her open heart surgery). Ate Ria’s prayer really moved all of us, after the session we were all crying.
But, Ate Ria didn’t just come over to pray. She also gave my dad 3 bottles of Green Barley. My dad tried it at once. After finishing the first bottle, he noticed that he’s not having sleeping problems anymore. My mom got curious and decided to give it a try, too.
Ate Ria left a flyer here and I found out that it is best for people suffering from the following disorders:
-          Amenorrhea
-          Anemia
-          Asthma
-          Bronchitis
-          Burns
-          Cancer & Tumor formation
-          Cervical Ulcer
-          Cholelithiasis – Gallstones
-          Constipation
-          Cyst
-          Diabetes
-          Dysmenorrhea
-          Edema
-          Leukemia
And the list goes on..
My dad got hooked to drinking Green Barley, he actually became a dealer.
He gave me 2 free bottles to try..and I did. It actually tastes good. It reminds me of pineapple juice.
Now I’m sleeping better, too. Let's see what happens after I've gulped the entire bottle.


  1. never tried these kind of products yet. but it looks interesting. BTW, nice blog. oh, I'm having my birthday giveaway.
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    Kat :)

  2. first time to hear this product, here. that must be a miracle food!btw, thanks for following me. followed your site too.

  3. I guess i should give this a try:)

  4. @sunny toast: why not? my mom said it really did help lessen her edema and it melted some of her tummy fat too. she can now wear her old clothes again.