Saturday, May 21, 2011

Window Pane

My cellphone has been neglected for a few days now. I've lost  my interest in reading forwarded messages, mushy quotes, corny jokes, chain text messages,  and so on and so forth.

The only purpose it serves now is just to take pictures and put my kids to sleep while listening to downloaded childrens' songs and videos. Since hubby is far away, we've resorted to communicating via the internet.

I was browsing through my cellphone pictures and I found some new shots. They were a little bit blurred, obviously taken by an amateur. But one particular picture caught my attention.

This picture was taken by my 2 year old son,a view from the room of our condo unit. Would I be able to take a picture twice as good as this? Hell no! 
I don't even take pictures half as good as his. Looks like my son will become a photographer someday...


  1. Definitely a photo taken by someone with innate talent ;-)

    New follower here! I'd love it if you can follow back. I love connecting to fellow pinay moms :)

  2. The little boy has a talent. Ang galing! =)

  3. i don't know how he did it. i tried to take a picture of that window, too but i just couldn't get it. maybe my angle isn't right.

  4. Your son has an eye for photography indeed. =)

  5. Me too! I really don't pay much attention to forwarded text messages. :) great picture! lots to be proud of.
    visiting from gt!

  6. Galing...your son have a talent in photography you got to support him..unlike me how I wish mom supported me in my younger years:)

  7. frustration ko din ang photography. buti na lang he has a dad who can support him, his dad likes taking pictures, too.